Dr. Rachel Korazim: Jerusalem in Israeli Literature

Posted by Rachel Korazim on May 23, 2017
Topics: Pardes Live, Yom Yerushalayim


This podcast is live recording of a special lecture celebrating 50 years of Jerusalem’s reunification with Dr. Rachel Korazim.

Sponsored in loving memory of Herbert Green z”l by his family who misses him dearly.

Jerusalem holds a special place not only in the reality of our lives but also in Israeli literary composition. The holy and the profane come together here on a daily basis. Is this the city of man or the city of God? Does her heart reside in the Knesset, the parliament and the Supreme Court of Justice – or on the Temple Mount? Will her secrets be revealed in the narrow alleyways of the market or in the wide avenues of more recent years? Must we pen only love songs or may we also censure her? The questions merge into the poetry of generations who have sung of Jerusalem from the days of King David the psalmist to the present day.

About Rachel Korazim

Rachel is a freelance Jewish education consultant specializing in curriculum development for Israel and Holocaust education. Her expertise is teaching about the ideas, passions, hopes and realities of Israeli society through the prism of Israeli literature.

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