5772 — VaYera: Pleading for Sodom

Posted by Neima Novetsky on November 8, 2011
Topics: Bereishit (Genesis), VaYera


Neima Novetsky discusses parsha Vayera.

Rabbi Daniel Landes in New York!
Melekhet Makhshevet: Integrating Judaism and our Lives at Work
Tuesday, November 15th 7:30-9:00 PM
Drisha: 37 West 65th Street, 5th Floor

What is the value of work? Does Judaism have a notion of a “calling?” How can I be a more moral boss, employee, and colleague? Can any job be part of a spiritual path? Whether you’re deciding on a career path or already on one, join Rabbi Landes in the Drisha beit midrash to examine how you can integrate the wisdom of Jewish tradition into your work day. Through intensive text study and rich conversation, we will put mindfulness to work, and challenge our community to enrich the workplace with Judaism’s teachings and core values. Come join the discussion!

Rabbi Landes is the third speaker in this lecture series beginning November 1st; you may register for individual sessions ($10 each) by emailing inquiry@drisha.org or calling 212-595-0307. Tuition for all four sessions is $36; other featured speakers are David Silber, Shalom Carmy, Sarah Rinder, Joe Septimus, and more!

Check out the Drisha website for more information.

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About Neima Novetsky

She and her family made aliyah from New York where she founded and directed the Advanced Tanakh Beit Midrash Program at Lincoln Square Synagogue. She has taught at Midreshet Lindenbaum, Midreshet Moriah, the Ma'ayan Institute for Women, and the Princeton University Hillel and has lectured on Biblical topics in various synagogues in both Israel and the USA. She is also a co-founder of a new Tanakh and Parshanut website called 'Al Ha Torah.'

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