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Posted by PCJE Staff on September 2, 2015
Topics: Holidays, Pesach

We’ve collected some useful links which contain resources and ideas for teaching Pesach, at a variety of grade levels.

a) Digital version of the haggadah, from which you can cut and paste.
b) Seder plate webquest for lower elementary school students to teach the significance of the symbols of Pesach.
c) A story and suggested discussion question’s which makes the connection between hametz and haughtiness. Suitable for elementary students.
d) Noam Zion’s Teacher’s guide and collection of visual midrashim for teaching the four sons/children from his haggadah A Different Night. The activities and images can be adapted for elementary through high school-aged students.
e) A four-lesson unit on helping middle schoolers take ownership over the haggdah and seder night. Based on A Different Night haggadah and curriculum developed at the Hartman Institute.
f) This resource, suitable for middle and high school students, tracks the use of the dual names for Pesach/Hag HaMatzot – and the potential significance of each – from the Tanakh to later Rabbinic sources.

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