Gila Fine on The History of the Talmud in Four Objects – The Ministering Women’s Mirrors

Posted by Gila Fine on November 24, 2015
Topics: Pardes Live and Mini-Series, Talmud

In the final part of this 4-part series given at Pardes Jerusalem, Gila Fine discusses The Ministering Women’s Mirrors: What makes the Bible so afraid of love? Why does Moses seek to punish to ministering women? And how do bronze mirrors come to save the Jewish People? A reading of Midrash Tanhuma, Pekudei 9, through Ovid and Maharal, the Brothers Grimm and Jacques Lacan, George Orwell and Erich Fromm.

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About Gila Fine

Gila Fine is the editor in chief of Maggid Books (Koren Publishers Jerusalem). She is also a teacher of Aggada at the Pardes Institute of Jewish Studies, exploring the stories of the Talmud through philosophy, literary criticism, psychoanalysis, and pop-culture. Gila is the former editor of Azure: Ideas for the Jewish Nation and has previously taught at Hebrew University, Tel Aviv University, and the London School of Jewish Studies. Haaretz has called her “a young woman who is on her way to becoming one of the more outstanding Jewish thinkers of the next generation.” Click here to read more.

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