This Pardes Life — Season 2, Episode 12 with Aryeh Ben David

Posted by Zvi Hirschfield on May 9, 2017
Topics: This Pardes Life, Pesach

In the latest episode of This Pardes Life for Pesach Sheni, Rabbi Zvi Hirschfield meets with Rabbi Aryeh Ben David. They discuss Rabbi Ben David’s organization which creates tools to make Jewish text and practice personally relevant and inspiring. Rabbi Ben David talks about the design and educational approach reflected in the Ayeka Haggada, and challenges us to embrace the “tough” conversations about our relationship to God, Torah and the Jewish people in order to make Jewish practice come alive. In addition, Rabbi Ben David describes how his own journey through Judaism and observance that led him to embrace the vulnerability and openness towards himself and others that a personal relationship with Judaism offers.

This podcast has been generously sponsored by Rabbi Zvi Hirshfield’s inspiring mother Joanne Hirschfield, in memory of loving husband and father Seymour Hirschfield z”l.

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