Yitro: The Two Dimensions of Shabbat

Posted by Meir Schweiger on January 28, 2018
Topics: Pardes from Jerusalem, Yitro, Moshe

There are two accounts of the ten commandments – one, in our parsha, which is happening in “real” time. The other account appears in Deuteronomy, when Moshe re-tells the momentous events of Sinai to the new generation that has grown up in the desert and is about to enter the Land. Although the accounts are essentially identical, there are some conspicuous differences between the two versions of the shabbat commandment. In this podcast, Rabbi Meir Schweiger explores those differences and explains them. Hopefully this will lead to a deeper understanding of the shabbat experience.

Thank you to Dr. Phillip Ross for sponsoring this podcast in honor of his teacher, Rav Meir Schweiger.

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Meir teaches Chumash, Parshat HaShavua, Mishna, Talmud, Halakha, Siddur and Interpersonal Relations at Pardes. Meir came on aliya in 1972 from “the Bronx”, NY, immediately after graduating from City College in New York with a B.A. in Mathematics and Physics. He did his advanced Jewish Studies at Yeshiva University, Yeshivat Kerem B’Yavneh and Yeshivat Har Etzion, receiving ordination from Rabbi Zalman Nehemiah Goldberg of Jerusalem. He received his M.Ed in Teaching Bible from the Herzog College in Gush Etzion.Click here to read more.

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