The Parsha Discussion: Tzav — What’s Wrong with Hametz?

Posted by Alex Israel on March 20, 2018
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Did you know that hametz is not merely forbidden on Pesach?! It is also disqualified from the Temple altar. In last week’s parsha we read:

“No meal offering that you offer to the Lord shall be with leaven [hametz], for you shall burn no leaven [se’or] or honey in any fire offering to the Lord.” (Lev. 2:11)

It appears again this week in Parshat Tzav:

“And the remainder [of the meal offering] shall be eaten by Aaron and his sons; it shall be eaten as unleavened cake [matzot] in the sacred precinct…It shall not be baked with leaven…’ (Lev. 6:9-10)

Why is hametz a problem? Please discuss:

  • We have a mitzva of matza because we emerged from Egypt speedily. But why is leaven forbidden?
  • Why do we scour our kitchens and expunge all leaven from our homes?
  • Why is hametz a problem on Pesach?

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