Interactive Hanukah Companion

Posted by PCJE Staff on October 11, 2020
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The Pardes Center for Jewish Educators presents a new Companion in the Pardes collection: The Interactive Hanukah Companion. This holiday companion includes eight divrei torah written by Pardes faculty, accompanied by interactive activities and discussion questions, crafted by the Pardes Center for Jewish Educators teams. The Hanukah companion was originally published in 2017 and can be found on the Elmad website. This updated version is a Hanukah experience for families and friends to celebrate in the lights and activities of the holiday.

Enrich your experience by trying one, or all, of these enlightening activities! The interactive activities in this companion were crafted by PCJE team members Rachel Friedrichs, Penny Joel, Sefi Kraut, Aviva Lauer Golbert, Reuven Margrett, and Susan Yammer.

You can view the companion online and print for A4 paper or US letter size.

Download and Print the Companion (A4 paper) Download and Print the Companion (US letter size)

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The Pardes Hanukah Companion

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