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Alex Israel

Amy Eilberg

Learn with Amy Eilberg

Judaism and Conflict Resolution

Aviva Golbert

Learn with Aviva Golbert

Strategies and Skills for Effective Teaching

Daniel Landes

Learn with Daniel Landes

Talmud, Midrash, Theology

Daniel Roth

Learn with Daniel Roth

Talmud, Jewish Approaches to Conflict Resolution, Bible

David Bernstein

Learn with David Bernstein

Modern Jewish History, Contemporary Israel

David Levin-Kruss

Learn with David Levin-Kruss

Mishna, Talmud, Parshat Hashavua, Philosophy

Elisha Ancselovits

Hayim Leiter

Learn with Hayim Leiter

Beit Midrash Advisor

Howard Markose

Learn with Howard Markose

Biblical Hebrew

James Jacobson-Maisels

Learn with James Jacobson-Maisels

Jewish Mysticism, Hasidism, Spiritual Practices, Meditation

Judy Klitsner

Learn with Judy Klitsner

Bible, Biblical Exegesis

Levi Cooper

Learn with Levi Cooper

Bible, Hasidut, Maimonides

Meesh Hammer-Kossoy

Learn with Meesh Hammer-Kossoy

Talmud, Social Justice

Meir Schweiger

Learn with Meir Schweiger

Chumash, Parshat HaShavua, Mishna, Talmud, Halakha

Michael Hattin

Learn with Michael Hattin

Bible, Halakha

Mike Feuer

Learn with Mike Feuer

Hassidut, Rav Kook, Halakhah

Nechama Goldman Barash

Learn with Nechama Goldman Barash

Rabbinic Literature, Women and Judaism, Medical Ethics, Prophets, Bible

Neima Novetsky

Learn with Neima Novetsky

Bible, Prophets, Biblical Exegesis

Rahel Berkovits

Learn with Rahel Berkovits

Mishnah, Talmud, Halakha

Susan Wall

Tovah Leah Nachmani

Learn with Tovah Leah Nachmani

Bible, Liturgy and Prayer, Relationships

Yaffa Epstein

Learn with Yaffa Epstein

Talmud, Jewish Law, Liturgy

Zvi Grumet

Learn with Zvi Grumet

Bible, Pedagogy

Zvi Hirschfield

Learn with Zvi Hirschfield

Talmud, Halakha, Jewish Thought