An Interactive Parsha Experience Compilations

Download the new ‘compilation edition’ of our Interactive Parsha Experience!

Available now: Bereishit – Click the image below!
Available now: Shemot – Click the image below!
Available now: Vayikra – Click the image below!
Newly Added: Bamidbar – Click the image below! Stay tuned for the final compilation.

An Interactive Parsha Experience is a family-oriented parsha resource. Complete with the summaries and related questions for the weekly Parsha, this guide provides games, activities and other fun things to bring to your family table or couch on Shabbat. This interactive resource was created by The Pardes Center for Jewish Educators and produced individually during the 5779 Torah cycle. Each parsha lesson is appropriate for children of all ages.

an interactive parsha experience: bereishitan interactive parsha experience: shemotan interactive parsha experience: vayikra
an interactive parsha experience: bamidbaran interactive parsha experience: devarim