5775 — Achrei-Mot, Kedoshim: A Hair-Raising Class

Posted by David Levin-Kruss on April 21, 2015
Topics: Pardes from Jerusalem: Weekly Parsha Podcast, Acharei Mot, Kedoshim


Parshat Kedoshim included the prohibition against shaving the corners of the beard. In this podcast, Rabbi David Levin-Kruss discusses why is it that many orthodox Jewish men use an electric shaver? This class examines the halachic basis for this isur and then looks at what this issue teaches us about the Jewish legal system and the sociology of contemporary Jewish life.

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Larry Kluger – Creative Consultant
Arlene Harel – Production Coordinator


About David Levin-Kruss

David is an adjunct faculty member at Pardes. Click here to read more.

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