The Parsha Discussion: Pinchas — The Power of Few

Posted by Alex Israel on July 4, 2018
Topics: The Parsha Discussion, Bamidbar (Numbers), Pinchas

This parsha looks forward with eager anticipation to Israel’s entry into the land of Israel. With the nation already poised on the border (22:1), we read how “the land is to be apportioned by lottery; according to the listings of their ancestral tribe” (26:52-4), and the appointment of Joshua who will lead the nation into its national home.

This parsha presents a diverse array of powerful leaders, the zealous Pinchas, Joshua “the man who has spirit within”, and the five daughters of Zelophchad.

I love the names of the daughters of Zelophchad‎, each of them is indicative of movement. The name Mahla – from the root “to dance”; Noa – to move; Milka – a derivative of the verb “to walk”, Hoglah – from a root that indicates a circular motion, Tirza – contains the root “to run”. These women are literally movers and shakers.

These five women are hailed as feminist heroes, as they stake a claim to land inheritance, in a time and place where only men were the inheritors of land.

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