An Interactive Parsha Experience: Va’Era, Do Humans Have Free Will?

Posted by Pardes Center for Jewish Educators Contributors on December 30, 2018
Topics: An Interactive Parsha Experience, Torah, Shemot (Exodus), VaEra

This week’s Interactive Parsha Experience is Sponsored by Michelle and JJ Berney in memory of Tomi Deutsch Berney z”l.

In parshat VaEra God continues to speak to Moshe through the burning thornbush. God tells him the plan for how Moshe will go with Aharon to Pharaoh to ask for Bnei Yisrael to be freed. Moshe is still feeling a bit insecure about his ability to stand up to Pharaoh and be a leader to Bnei Yisrael. Moshe doesn’t have a choice in following God’s orders, even when he insists he is not fit for the job. Or does he? The issue of free will is raised greatly in this parsha. Learn more, download and print this week’s Interactive Parsha Experience from Laura Marder and the Pardes Center of Jewish Educators for a family friendly learning experience.

Do you have teens? We also have a great Parsha Discussion download for a more mature family experience.

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