An Interactive Parsha Experience – 5779 Shemini: Aharon’s Silence

Posted by Pardes Center for Jewish Educators Contributors on March 24, 2019
Topics: An Interactive Parsha Experience, Torah, Vayikra (Leviticus), Shemini

Way back in the Book of Shemot, God instructed Bnei Yisrael to build the Mishkan. And indeed, they did a great job of obeying God’s command! They contributed all sorts of items to build this special building that was going to be used as a religious center for the nation; a master architect was appointed; and the walls, hangings, the ark, menorah, and other furnishings were crafted. To learn more with Aviva Lauer Golbert download the newest Interactive Parsha Experience below. For an older audience download the Parsha Discussion. **NEW** We are offering a chance to download a complementary podcast with your Parsha Experience.

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