An Interactive Parsha Experience – Vayikra: Answering the Call

Posted by Pardes Center for Jewish Educators Contributors on March 10, 2019
Topics: An Interactive Parsha Experience, Vayikra, Torah, Vayikra (Leviticus)

This week’s parsha begins the third book (out of five) of the Torah. What do you think would be a good title for this particular book? Well, think of the name of one of your favorite books. Why did the author choose that specific title? Does the title of your favorite book connect to anything important that happens in the book? To learn more with Sefi Kraut download the newest Interactive Parsha Experience below. For an older audience download the Parsha Discussion. **NEW** We are offering a chance to download a complimentary podcast with your Parsha Experience.

Download This Week’s Interactive Parsha Experience Download the Parsha Discussion

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