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No. Because this year was a sabbath unto the land and it was to have complete rest.

A jubilee year. We were to make the proclamation with a blast of the horn on the 10th day of the 7th month (Yom Kippur).

We were to return to every man his former possession and return every man to his family. All debts were forgiven.

The land would yield its fruit and we would eat until we had enough; we would dwell in safety.

Hashem said that during the 6th year we would have such an abundance that it would last us for 3 years until we could harvest another crop.

He could redeem it prior to the jubilee if he had the money or someone would redeem it for him. There was a formula based on the yield of the land and the selling price that determined how much he had to pay to redeem his land.

They could sell their homes that could be redeemed, but they could not sell their fields.

Jews are not allowed to lend money to another Jew and charge interest.