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3; locusts, darkness, and death of almost all the first born Egyptians and the first born of their beasts.

The locusts came on the East wind, left on the West wind, and were driven into the Red Sea.

Observance of Rosh Hodesh (establishing the months); ritual slaying of the Pesach offering; eating of the offering; fully roasting of the offering; leaving no flesh of the offering; removal of hametz from our dwellings; eat matza on Passover; to have no hametz in your possession during Pesach; to eat nothing containing hametz during Passover; give nothing to eat of the Passover offering to an apostate Jew; give no part of the Passover offering to a partial proselyte or resident (not fully converted); to carry no flesh of the Passover offering outside; to break no bone of the Passover offering; no uncircumcised person may eat of the Passover offering; sanctifying the first-born, whether human or animal; to eat no hametz during Passover; to see no hametz during Passover; to recount the exodus from Egypt forever; to redeem the first-born donkey; to break the neck of an unredeemed first-born donkey.

He says there were two sets of darkness, 3 days each; the first was so dark that they could not see one another; the second was twice as thick and they could not move. There were any number of wicked Israelites who did not want to leave Egypt and Hashem was going to kill them during the 3 days of darkness. He did not want the Egyptians to see this happen and say that the Israelites were killed just as the Egyptians. Also, the period of darkness allowed the Israelites to go through the homes of the Egyptians to see what they had. The Egyptians would likely say they had nothing when the Israelites asked them for what they needed.

They did not change their names; they did not change their language; they did not reveal their secrets (Moshe had told them that they would leave with many Egyptian possessions); they did not abandon circumcision.