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Beyond the Jordan in the Aravah.

Here he says the burden was too much, and he decided to divide them up with judges over the 1000's, 100's, etc. In fact, Yitro suggested this to Moshe, and Moshe accepted the idea.

Here he says the spies came back and said: "Good is the land which the Lord , our G-d, gives to us." As a matter of fact, when the spies came back most of them said the cities were too fortified and the people too strong to be defeated.

The people of Moav; this land was given to Lot and his descendants.

Og, king of Bashan (living in Ashtaroth).

Not to appoint any judge who is unlearned in the Torah, even if he is generally learned, and that a judge presiding at a trial should not fear any evil man (really any man).