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As of the first song, the people were just starting out, and had not yet committed themselves to such evil ways. Now they are full of sins and this song describes how they have forsaken G-s laws.

That with Hashem's help and by following His laws, Yaakov was able to find sustenance in even the most difficult of Hashem's requirements.

When things begin to get too good and too easy for us, we tend to think that it all came about by our efforts and not by the help of Hashem. We begin to forget Hashem and to worship other gods.

Because the nations would fail to see that this was retribution for Israel's waywardness; they would think that they were strong and Israel's G-d was weak.

To take heed of the words he had spoken that day, and to teach their children to observe Hashem's laws.

He struck the rock instead of speaking to it at the waters of Meribath-kadesh in the wilderness of Zin.