Ki Tetse

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He would take her to be his wife. He would take her to his home where she would shave her head and pare her nails. She would remove the clothes of her captivity and mourn the loss of her parents for a full month. Then the man could marry her.

His body must not remain all night upon the tree, but he must be buried the same day as he was hanged. His body is an offense to G-d, and leaving the body unburied would be a defilement of the land.

You were allowed to take them, but only after you had scared off the mother. It would be cruel to take the eggs or the young while the mother was there.

Inasmuch as they could not pull equally, it would create a hardship for both. This would be cruel to both animals.

Because he is our brother. Esau was the father of the Edomites.

When the Israelites passed by their territories on the way from Egypt, the Ammonites and Moabites refused them any bread or water; also because they hired Balaam to put a curse on them.

This would deny the debtor the opportunity to make a living.

40; if he received more than 40 lashes, it would dishonor him before your eyes; even a criminal is allowed to maintain his human dignity.

The living brother must marry the brother's widow so that his family line would not become extinct. It is called a levirate marriage.

You are not to have erroneous weights, a heavy one for selling and a lighter one for buying, each which you call the same weight; i.e. they are each called 1 kilo.