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That all the congregation was holy; Hashem was among them, and so how did Moshe and Aaron come off putting themselves above the people.

The earlier conversation between Miriam and Aaron about Moshe.

Each of the 250, along with Aaron, would take censers, put in fire with incense, and Hashem would give signs as to who was right and who was sinning.

As a land flowing with milk and honey.

That if they lived a natural life and died of natural causes, then they were right. But if the ground opened up and swallowed them, then Moshe would be right.

14,700 died from the plague; Aaron, at Moshe's instruction, took his censer from the altar, along with fire and incense, and ran among the people atoning for their sins. Some were saved by his action.

Of all flesh that was offered to Hashem, both man and beast, went to the Cohanim. The first born of man were to be redeemed for five shkolim after the 1st month; the first born of unclean beasts they were to redeem, but the first born of oxen, sheep or goats they were not to redeem for they were holy; they were to dash their blood on the altar, but could have various parts to eat.

None; Hashem was their portion and their inheritance.