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Specifically we are talking about promises to Hashem. After uttering the 'vow', we say "b'li neder".

If her father hears it and does not disallow it; her father may void the vow by disallowing it when he hears her make it.

The holy vessels and the trumpets for the alarm.

By the Jordan River at Jericho.

Reuven and Gad. Their armed men would have to go into the land and fight. If they did so, the women and children could stay east of the Jordan, and after the land was secure the armed men could return east.

Jews outside of Israel seeing life in the diaspora as 'the good life' compared to living in the land, but being willing to support those in the land when there is a crisis.

That these people coming out of Egypt were numerous, strong, and a huge threat to the Midianites.

The precept of the Law of Nullifying Vows and that we should not break our word in vows that we make.