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Pinchas ben Eleazar ben Aaron haCohen.

He killed Zimri ben Salu (a Shimonite) and Cozbi (a Midianite woman), who were acting improperly in front of the whole camp.

To harass and smite the Midianites, for by their wiles they beguiled and led the Jewish people astray. Assimilation with non-Jews in the diaspora.

To plan for war and to determine how much land each tribe inherited.

Amram ben Kohath haLevi and Yocheved bat Levi.

Nadav, Avihu, Eleazar, and Itamar. Nadav and Avihu were killed by Hashem because they took strange fire into the sanctuary.

Zelafchad had no sons, and his daughters asked Moshe if they could inherit their father's land rather than have it go to their father's brothers. 1. Machla, 2. Noah, 3. Chagla, 4. Milcha, and 5. Tirtza.

Brothers of the deceased, then brothers of the deceased's father (i.e., uncles on the father's side).

Moshe asked Hashem to choose the next leader of the people. He did not plea to be allowed to enter the Land.