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Behold this day I set before thee a blessing and a curse. A blessing if... and a curse if ...

Both those ritually pure and impure could eat acceptable flesh, but the impure could not eat animals eligible for sacrifice; they could eat the hart or gazelle.

If he suggested they go after other gods they had not known to worship them.

Follow them and kill them and all the inhabitants of that place; also kill the cattle and utterly destroy everything in the place by fire.

Besides naming the qualifications of the animals and birds, Hashem also listed certain ones that were clean and certain that were not. With the fish, He just gave the qualifications.

Give it to a stranger within their gates, or sell it to a foreigner.

They were to eat and enjoy the tithe before Hashem in a place He would choose. If the place were too far away, they were to sell it, go to the place Hashem chose, buy whatever their heart desired and eat and rejoice with their household.

Every 3rd year he was to take the tithe and lay it up within the gates of his city so that the Levite, the stranger, the widow and the fatherless could enjoy it.

In the 7th year and he was not to go away empty handed. The former owner was to furnish him liberally out of his flock, out of the threshing floor, and out of the winepress, in remembrance of when Hashem took us out of Mitzraim.

Because the slave could be required to work night and day, whereas the hireling only worked during the day.