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Hoshea to Yehosuah. Hoshea means He (G-d) has helped; Yehosuah means He (G-d) will help

1. Whether those who dwelt in the land were strong or weak; 2. Whether they were few or many; 3. Whether they dwelt in camps or strongholds; 4. Was the land good or bad; 5. Was the land fat or lean; 6. Was there wood.

40 days. Forty years in the desert; Moshe on the mount for 40 days; 40 days and 40 nights of rain during the flood.

Better they had died in the land of Egypt or in the wilderness; they wanted to appoint a leader to take them back to Egypt.

Hashem said that he would destroy all of the people except Moshe and start over. Moshe said that when the Egyptians hear that Hashem had destroyed his people, they will say that after he had taken them out with miracles, He was unable to bring them into the land he had sworn to them.

All those over the age of 20, except Yehosuah and Caleb, would perish in the desert. Yehosua, Caleb, and the children would be allowed to go into the Land.