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Every man whose heart made him willing to do so.

Silver; there was a levy of 1/2 shekel upon every adult Israelite an offering.

That which is lifted off, or separated, in this case as a contribution to the requirements of the Sanctuary.

To provide a place where Hashem could dwell among the people.

Acacia-wood overlaid with pure gold.

2 1/2 cubits long and 1 1/2 cubits wide.

1 ring of gold was to be attached to each of the four corners; 2 staves made of Acacia-wood, overlaid with gold, were to pass through the rings for carrying.

2 facing each other from each end with their wings spread on high.

It was to be made of pure gold; of beaten work. Its base and its shaft, its cups, its knobs, and its flowers were all to be made from one piece; 6 branches- 3 out of each side.