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Meal offering because it could only be eaten by the priests and only within the precincts of the Sanctuary.

Leaven; no; it putrefies; yes; it prevents putrefaction; putrefaction symbolizes moral degradation and salt symbolizes that which is lasting, such as our Covenant with G-d.

Fat was burned in the fire as a sweet savor to Hashem; the blood was sprinkled around about the altar, sometimes on the horns of the altar. We are commanded forever not to eat blood or fat.

Blood is the seat of life. As G-d has given it, so we give it back. Must be via animals, not people

Through this you showed that this animal was designated as the substitute for the person who brought it.

He was required to restore the item in full, plus 20%, as of the value at the time of the offense. With inflation, the person might only receive a fraction of the value of what was stolen if he was paid off in currency.