Shemitta: A Practical Guide

Posted by Zvi Hirschfield on November 11, 2014
Topics: Shemitta, Pardes Live and Mini-Series, Halakha

The halakhic requirements and challenges of the shemitta year, explored through the study of classical sources and modern solutions proposed by the great halakhic decision-makers of the 20th century. Discover how the requirements of shemitta can impact and bring a new religious awareness to the way we garden, shop and cook.

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Zvi teaches Talmud, Halakha and Jewish Thought at Pardes. In addition Zvi is a faculty member of the Pardes Center for Jewish Educators and has been training and mentoring Jewish Educators for over ten years in Tefilah in educational settings; critical issues in modern Jewish thought; and Israel education. Click here to read more.

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