Rabbi Ethan Tucker Part 2: Does Gender Equal Mean Gender Blind?

Posted by Ethan Tucker on November 14, 2016
Topics: Rabbi Ethan Tucker Egalitarian Halakha, Pardes Live and Mini-Series

In most places in the Jewish world, gender equality largely correlates with gender blindness. The inverse is true as well: most places that maintain gendered distinctions in ritual and practice retain aspects of patriarchal hierarchy. Must this be the case? What does it look like to make the case for gender equality without androgyny? As the cutting edge of the contemporary discourse around gender has moved from discussions of equality to fluidity, how does the effort to shape our communities change as a result?

This podcast was part of the Pardes Community Education Fall Evening Lecture series. For more information see www.pardes.org.il/CE.

Click here to listen to part 1.


About Ethan Tucker

Rabbi Ethan Tucker is co-founder and rosh yeshiva at Mechon Hadar and chair in Jewish Law. He also directs Mechon Hadar’s Center for Jewish Law and Values. He is the co-author, with Rabbi Micha’el Rosenberg, of the forthcoming Gender Equality and Prayer in Jewish Law.

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