Executive Seminar 2017: Two Perspectives on Modern Zionism: Herzl and Ahad Ha’Am

Posted by David Bernstein on July 10, 2017
Topics: ELS, Pardes Live and Mini-Series

Theodor Herzl and Achad Ha’Am were two of the most influential leaders in the history of modern Zionism. Yet they had radically different understandings of which crisis (Anti-Semitism or Assimilation) the Jewish people faced about a century ago. We will compare and contrast their approaches, and see how the State of Israel reflects – and does not reflect – their views.

This session was given by Dean Dr. David Bernstein as part of the Pardes Executive Learning Seminar, Summer 2017.


About David Bernstein

David holds a B.A. and M.A. in History and a Ph.D. in Religious Education from New York University. He also attended Yeshivat HaMivtar. David has been the Dean of Pardes since 1998. Previously, he was the director of Midreshet Lindenbaum, popularly known as Brovender’s, for 12 years. David was a Jerusalem Fellow at the Mandel School for Jewish Education in Jerusalem from 1996-1998. Click here to read more.

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