Global Torah: Season 2, Episode 2 — The Spiritual Power of Solar

Posted by Global Torah Contributors on August 27, 2017
Topics: Pardes Live and Mini-Series, Social Justice

How do our conversations about text inform our pursuits as drivers of global justice? What does our tradition have to say about some of the most ethical dilemmas a global energy entrepreneur faces daily? And what spiritual sustenance do we have to gain from pursuing a better world?
Citing Jewish texts from the Lubavitcher Rebbe to Leonard Cohen, Global Torah veterans Dyonna Ginsburg and Rabbi Yedidya Julian Sinclair explore the surprising and illuminating intersections between study and action.

This episode involves in-depth analysis of multiple Jewish texts. Click here for an accompanying source sheet.

Featured Guests
Dyonna Ginsburg is the Executive Director of OLAM, a joint platform for promoting global Jewish service. Prior to OLAM, Dyonna served as Director of Education and Service Learning at The Jewish Agency; Executive Director of Bema’aglei Tzedek, an Israeli social change NGO; and co-founder of Siach, a global network of Jewish social justice and environmental professionals. She has a BA in International Relations from Columbia University and an MA in Jewish Education from Hebrew University. A frequent lecturer, she was named “one of Israel’s 50 most inspiring women” by Nashim magazine in 2015.

Rabbi Yedidya Julian Sinclair is a global solar energy entrepreneur based in Jerusalem. Before moving to Israel he worked as an economist in the UK government. In his spare time he is a writer, translator, urban tour guide and teaches Jewish texts and sources. He holds rabbinic ordination and degrees from Oxford and Harvard and lives in Jerusalem with his wife and five children.

About Global Torah Contributors

Global Torah explores the intersections of Jewish life, values and text with the practice of global service, social justice and international development. Each episode highlights voices of both scholars of Jewish tradition and Jewish professionals working to address global challenges, often in conversation with each other. The result is a dynamic and engaging look into key issues facing the Jewish people as part of a global community.

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