Rappers and Rabbis Episode 6: Am I My Brother’s Keeper?

Posted by Bible Raps on December 14, 2017
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This podcast is a Pardes-Bible Raps co-production. Written and performed by Bible Raps.

In the latest episode from Rappers and Rabbis, the crew is asked about their favorite source that answers the question “Am I My Brothers Keeper?” Rabba Yaffa is mad sick. Bar feigns unawareness with a cold insensitivity and demands Yaffa’s dying voice to scratch out what Torah she can. “More Torah! More Torah!” Bar shouts periodically loud enough that it couldn’t be edited out. Rabbi AdAm, the more sensitive one, takes the mic and goes in on some of the illest Torah one could hope for with the story of the time Rabbi Azzazi stood up to the Great Rabbi Akiva.

Rappers and Rabbis is happy to welcome back our special guest, alumni Mira Bee Shore. She is currently working in Philadelphia while getting her Doctorate in clinical psychology. We brought her on to wax reflective on Cain’s psychology and what we should do when sin is crouching at our door. Rabbi AdAm and Mira Be Shore talk about their favorites from the Jewish Tradition.

“Rappers & Rabbis” is hosted by Rapper Matt Bar, Rabba Yaffa Epstein, Rabbi AdAm Mayer and Rabbi Ethan Witkovsky. Join us every two weeks for a lively hip hop havruta-style Torah conversation with a rotating cast of Pardes alumni and holy MCs. Each episode is framed by a question with metaphysical ramifications, such as “Why did God create the snake?” Or “Can Rabba Yaffa Epstein rap?” See https://elmad.pardes.org/topic/rappers-and-rabbis/ to listen to more episodes in the series.

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