An Interactive Parsha Experience: Bereishit – The Blame Game, What a Shame!

Posted by Pardes Center for Jewish Educators Contributors on October 2, 2018
Topics: An Interactive Parsha Experience, Bereishit (Genesis), Bereishit

“One of the first things that the first humans do is make mistakes, which means getting things wrong is a part of who we are. No human being has lived and not made some sort of mistake. It may be hard to admit – but we (and you) are not perfect. In fact everyone around this table has and will make mistakes. When Adam and Chava made a mistake, what did they do? Instead of admitting it they played the blame game, which could be worse than making the mistake in the first place! Perhaps the issue is how we handle the mistakes we, and others, make, rather than making them at all.” Click here to download and print this week’s Parsha Experience on Parshat Bereishit: The Blame Game, What a Shame, the first in this exciting new series from The Pardes Center for Jewish Educators. 

Following the smashing success of our interactive Seder Experience, Pardes Center for Jewish Educators have launched a new family-friendly parsha resource! Complete with a parsha summary, questions, games, and activities that can be used around the shabbat table, this interactive resource is engaging for all ages. You can download and print the parsha each week at

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