Hanukah is Coming to Town

Posted by PCJE Staff on November 14, 2018
Topics: Pardes Live and Mini-Series, Hanukah, Pesach and Purim Walk into a Bar

Welcome to the Pardes Center for Jewish Educators podcast series: Hanukah, Pesach and Purim walk into a bar…  Each episode Rabbi Zvi Hirschfield hosts guest educators who share one text that reveals the deeper meaning of that year cycle event.

In this Hanukah is Coming to Town podcast Rabbi Zvi Hirschfield is joined by PCJE’s Director, Aviva Golbert, and Director of Novice Teacher Support, Susan Yammer. Together they uncover the deeper meaning of Hanukah, finding the jam hidden in the middle of the doughnut.

The sources referenced by the educators can be found on this Sefaria source sheet.

Welcome to the bar…


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