9Adar Curriculum: G-DCAST – Disagreements for the Sake of Heaven (DSH)

Posted by Rachel Friedrichs on September 8, 2015
Topics: Middle School, High School, 9Adar Curriculum, Jewish Models for Conflict Resolution, Elementary School

See attached PDF which contains activities, assessments and resources to use in 5-9th grade classrooms when teaching about שמים לשם מחלוקת/disagreements for the sake of Heaven (DSH). It is based on the G-dcast video, “Disagreements for the Sake of Heaven”. The video is available in English here and in Hebrew here.

Enduring Understandings for the lesson/s:

  • There are differences between constructive conflict and destructive conflict.
  • We can develop the skills necessary to help us identify the difference between destructive and constructive conflicts.
  • Beit Hillel’s and Beit Shammai’s disagreements were constructive arguments for the sake of Heaven.

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