This Pardes Life — Season 2, Episode 1 with Judy Klitsner: The Other Akeida Story

Posted by Zvi Hirschfield on September 27, 2016
Topics: This Pardes Life, Rosh Hashana, Abraham

In this episode of This Pardes Life for Rosh Hashana, Judy klitsner leads an exploration of how Abraham’s dealing with his son Yishmael and wife Hagar are essential to understanding his development as a father and covenental partner. This podcast focuses on Bereishit Ch.21, 1-14. See or for the source sheet.

This podcast has been generously sponsored by Evan Wolkenstein on the occasion of his marriage to Gabi Moskowitz, who teaches him everything he knows about life and with thanks to Judy Klitsner, who taught him everything he knows about Torah. For more information on sponsoring a podcast, email

See for other episodes in this series.


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