Chaye Sara: Working Hard to Give the Benefit of the Doubt

Posted by Howard Markose on November 22, 2016
Topics: Pardes from Jerusalem, Chaye Sarah, Abraham

Ephron the Hittite and Lavan the Aramean enter into negotiations with Abraham and his trusted servant, respectively. In this week’s parsha podast, Rabbi Howard Markose discusses whether the negotiations are handled in good faith and if it is possible to judge the actions of these characters in a positive light.

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About Howard Markose

Howard teaches Bible and Biblical Hebrew at Pardes. He was born and raised in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Howard received his rabbinical ordination in 1984 from the Jewish Theological Seminary in New York. Howard lived in Toronto for ten years from 1984-1994 at which time he served as assistant rabbi at Adath Israel Congregation and rabbi at Shaar Shalom Synagogue. He and his family made Aliyah in 1994 and after seven years as rabbi of Kehilat Moreshet Avraham in Jerusalem, he became the Director of Education for the Young Judaea Year Course. He received his PhD  in Bible at Bar Ilan University in January 2016. Howard conducts specialized Bar/Bat Mitzvah ceremonies for families from North America who are visiting Israel. He lives in Jerusalem and is married and has four children.

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