The Courage of the Matriarchs

Class Title – The Courage of the Matriarchs

Class taught by Howard Markose

Class description: That the Jewish people continue to exist even today is nothing less than a miracle. And if we go back into the stories of our Matriarchs, three of them – Sarah, Rebecca and Rachel – all might have signaled the end of the line for the Jewish people because at some time in their lives each of them was barren and unable to have children. Leah, on the other hand, was quite fertile. Our Torah reports that she was the mother of six sons and one daughter. And yet we are left with an impression that perhaps she was not a content person, despite her being what is called in modern Israeli Hebrew ילדיםברוכת’ , blessed with children.’ This session will explore how the Torah shares with its readers the challenging condition of the four matriarchs with the discussion addressing their resilience and courage during their difficult times.