5775 — Purim: Community

Posted by Zvi Grumet on February 26, 2015
Topics: Pardes from Jerusalem: Weekly Parsha Podcast, Esther, Purim


In this podcast, Rabbi Zvi Grumet discusses the importance of community and how this is illustrated in the story and practice of Purim. He looks at the different areas within the megillah and the laws that highlight why Purim is a festival that strengthens in multiple layers the unity of the Jewish people.

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About Zvi Grumet

Zvi teaches Bible and Pedagogy at Pardes. He holds a B.A. in Computer Science, an M.A. in Jewish Education and an Ed.D. from Yeshiva University where he was ordained. Prior to his Aliyah, Zvi had extensive experience teaching teens and adults, both in North America and Israel, and was a day school leader in the US. Zvi is currently the Associate Educational Director at The Lookstein Center for Jewish Education, the editor of Jewish Educational Leadership, and the chair of the Tanakh department at Yeshivat Eretz Hatzvi. Click here to read more.

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