Professor Avigdor Shinan: The Art of Rabbinic Storytelling Part 1

Posted by Avigdor Shinan on January 18, 2018
Topics: The Art of Rabbinic Storytelling, Pardes Live and Mini-Series

The Sidney and Miriam Brettler Memorial Series 5778: The Art of Rabbinic Storytelling. In the first lecture in the series, Professor Avigdor Shinan taught the rich world of rabbinic stories from the Talmud and Midrash, The Rabbinic Biography: from conception to the afterlife.

PLEASE NOTE: We apologize for the poor audio quality. Normally we would not post an audio of this standard, but as this was a phenomenal lecture and we have been asked to, we are posting. We hope the remainder of the series will be of a far superior audio standard. 

Click here to listen to the other lectures in the series.


About Avigdor Shinan

Prof. Avigdor Shinan, born in Prague (1946 – in Israel since 1949), completed all of his academic degrees at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, where he also taught in the Department for Hebrew Literature, and from where he retired in 2012 as a Full Professor. His fields of research include the Sefer Ha’aggadah and the Midrash, Aramaic translations of the Bible and the Siddur. He has written ten books and approximately 140 articles in these fields, in Hebrew and English. In the last two decades he has been deeply involved in the dissemination of Israeli culture in the wider public, in Israel and abroad: through lectures in various frameworks, continuing education seminars for teachers, and popular-scientific publications (for example Pirkei Avot: A New Israeli Commentary).

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