The Parsha Discussion: BeShalach — The Sound of Music

Posted by Alex Israel on January 25, 2018
Topics: The Parsha Discussion, Beshalach

Shabbat this week is known around the Jewish world as Shabbat Shira – the Shabbat of Song. It is given this name because our Torah reading contains Shirat Hayam – the Song of the Sea – sung by the Children of Israel after the waters of the Red Sea miraculously parted.

So let’s take this opportunity to talk about music and song.

  • Why do we sing?
  • What does music do for us?
  • Can you define how music interfaces with your emotions? Music can soothe and relax, inspire and energize, give voice to our feelings, activate our emotions. How does music affect you?
  • Does music play a role in your religious life?

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Alex teaches Bible at Pardes and is the Director of the Community Education Program and the Summer Program. Alex was born and raised in London. He holds degrees from London School of Economics, the Institute of Education London and Bar-Ilan University. Alex studied at Yeshivat Har Etzion under Rav Aharon Lichtenstein and Rav Yehudah Amital, and gained Rabbinic ordination from the Israeli Rabbinate. Click here to read more. You can find books written by Alex by clicking here

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