Acharei Mot, Kedoshim: The Art of Giving (and Receiving) Criticism

Posted by Howard Markose on April 15, 2018
Topics: Pardes from Jerusalem: Weekly Parsha Podcast, Acharei Mot, Kedoshim


The Torah calls on us to “surely rebuke thy neighbor” Are we in the 21st century comfortable with being actively critical of others? Perhaps more importantly, how are we at accepting negative feedback? Let’s take a close look at the relevant verses as well as at ourselves.

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Howard teaches Biblical Hebrew at Pardes. He was born and raised in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Howard received his rabbinical ordination in 1984 from the Jewish Theological Seminary in New York. Howard lived in Toronto for ten years from 1984-1994 at which time he served as assistant rabbi at Adath Israel Congregation and rabbi at Shaar Shalom Synagogue. Click here to read more.

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