Balak: The Power of Perspective

Posted by Mike Feuer on June 24, 2018
Topics: Pardes from Jerusalem, Bamidbar (Numbers), Balak


From the moment Parshat Balak opens from the viewpoint of King Balak of Moab, it is an exploration of the power of perspective. The potential and danger of seeing something from the outside, and the challenge of only seeing part of things are only two of the points of wisdom this amazing parsha offers us. Listen now to Rabbi Mike Feuer in the week’s Pardes from Jerusalem.

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About Mike Feuer

Mike teaches Hasidut, Rav Kook, Halakhah at Pardes. He has learned Torah in a number of Jerusalem area institutions, including Yeshivat HaMivtar, the Mir Yeshiva and Sulam Yaakov. He received smicha (rabbinic ordination) from Sulam Yaakov in conjunction with completing the Israeli Rabbinate’s laws of kashrut certification. Mike has been active in Jewish education, formal and informal, for many years. Click here to read more.

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