An Interactive Parsha Experience: B’Shalach Selective Memory

Posted by Pardes Center for Jewish Educators Contributors on January 13, 2019
Topics: An Interactive Parsha Experience, Torah, Shemot (Exodus), Beshalach

This week’s parsha begins with Bnei Yisrael making a harrowing escape from Egypt only to find themselves trapped by a raging sea in front of them and an angry Egyptian army charging behind them. The people are understandably terrified and they turn to Moshe and exclaim, “What have you done to us, taking us out of Egypt… it is better to serve the Egyptians than to die in the wilderness!” (Exodus 14:11-12). Learn with Sefi Kraut and download this week’s parsha experience for the whole family! And if you have teens, be sure to check out our Parsha Discussion for a more mature setting. [gravityform id=”1″ title=”false” description=”false”]

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