Laws of Government: Is it a Mitzvah to vote?

Posted by Levi Cooper on March 1, 2020
Topics: The Maggid of Melbourne Speaks, Laws of Government

Laws of Government 13: Is it a Mitzvah to vote?

Some would claim that voters fulfill a Divine commandment when they cast their ballot. Levi is doubtful. While it might not be a mitzvah, it certainly a distinguished privilege and honor to vote!

Harav Moshe Yekutiel Alpert

Harav Moshe Yekutiel Alpert

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As Israel strives to form a new government, elected leaders jockey for position, and the people pine for stability – Levi Cooper explores aspects of government from the perspective of Jewish
Law. A timely new podcast series with the Maggid of Melbourne. TO THE BEIT MIDRASH!

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