The Hoshen Mishpat Quest 5: Egyptian Experiences

Posted by Levi Cooper on June 10, 2021
Topics: The Maggid of Melbourne

The Hoshen Mishpat Quest 5: Egyptian Experiences

Moving further back in time, Levi shares the perhaps uncharacteristic words of Maimonides (1138-1204), as he explains the process of answering questions with the Hoshen Mishpat [Breastplate of Judgement]. These words bespeak an eerie mystical encounter that was the sole province of the Kohen Gadol [High Priest]. This magical moment was – according to Maimonides’ understanding – beyond the abilities of the masses.

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Whether or not you have the pleasure and privilege of being physically present in our Beit Midrash, this is a golden opportunity to learn Torah with us. Join the Maggid of Melbourne, Rabbi Dr. Levi Cooper, on his quest across centuries and over continents, as he sets out to understand the mysterious longing for the Hoshen Mishpat [Breastplate of Judgement]. How did this priestly vestment work, and why would sages pine for its return?

An enchanting adventure from the Bible, on to the Medieval Rabbis, and through to the beginning of the twentieth century. There is only one more thing to say: TO THE BEIT MIDRASH!

Rabbi Dr. Levi Cooper – Pardes Faculty and A Shot of Torah Podcast Host
Adam Titcher – Executive Producer

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Levi teaches Bible, Hasidut, Maimonides and Midrash at Pardes. Originally from Australia, Levi holds an LL.B., LL.M. and Ph.D. from the Law Faculty of Bar-Ilan University, and is a member of the Israel Bar Association. He is currently an adjunct professor in the Law Faculty of Bar-Ilan University and post-doctoral fellow in the Law Faculty of Tel Aviv University. Click here to read more. You can find books written by Levi by clicking here

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