This Covid Life: Corona Kaddish Conundrum Episode 1

Posted by Levi Cooper on November 29, 2021
Topics: The Maggid of Melbourne, This Covid Life

This Covid Life: Corona Kaddish Conundrum

The recital of Kaddish by mourners is a quintessential part of the Jewish bereavement process. It is often an emotional journey. During the COVID-19 pandemic, the Kaddish recital has often been challenging. Regional lockdowns, quarantine orders, and crowd-limiting measures have hampered the possibility of reciting Kaddish in the traditional forum. In this series, we will explore the various solutions to the conundrum and assess whether any of the solutions will survive the pandemic.

Episode 1: Ad Hoc Quorums
The formation of ad-hoc quorums provided an opportunity for mourners to recite Kaddish. These quorums came in different forms: pirate minyanim, balcony minyanim, and various outdoor gatherings including the backyard, courtyard, street, and sidewalk. Ad hoc quorums were not organized in order to solve the Corona Kaddish conundrum. Notwithstanding, they provided a solution for mourners.

Complete Ritual Guide for Kaddish and Covid

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