Conflict Intimacy and Shlom Bayit

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Episode Description (28m 03s):
Ironically, we sometimes grow the most from conflict in our relationships! (00:58) Eruptions of anger or argumentation may – if we treat them well – help us to reveal our needs, or the needs of our partner, which have been suppressed or expressed only partially, due to fear of fallout. One evocative and disturbing midrash provides a springboard for two psychologically proven ways we can use the inevitable conflicts between us and our partners – in a normative good-willed relationship – to bring us to richer, more intimate, more loving connections. Following the podcast (19:55) Leon and Matti discuss the exterior of the building and how it fosters connections between people.

Production Credits:
Rabbi Leon Morris – Introduction and Interview
Tovah Leah Nachmani – Podcast Host
Matti Rosenshine – Podcast Guest
Rabbi Michael Emerson – Creative Producer
Rabbi Adam Titcher – Executive Producer