Home is Where the Torah is

Welcome to Home is where the Torah is, the brand new podcast series from Pardes created exclusively for you, our cherished donors and supporters.

We are proud that Pardes’s efforts to build a new facility in Jerusalem continue to move forward despite the challenges of the current moment. Meanwhile, the Campaign for the Generations, our capital and endowment campaign to fund this project, likewise continues to grow. While most of us remain confined to our homes, a new home for our Torah, for our students and alumni, and for the vision of Jewish life we are promoting is coming to fruition, one day at a time.

In this vein, we are excited to share Home is where the Torah is, the podcast recorded in our homes, and sent directly to yours. In this series, you will hear from six of our incredible teachers as they consider the various components that make up the concept of home and what makes a true home from a Jewish perspective. I will also have the opportunity to engage in conversation with the gifted architect of our new building Matti Rosenshine, as we think about the ways in which our new building will become our new collective home.

Our work cannot be successful without your continued support and commitment, and we are deeply appreciative of what you make possible. Please feel free to reach out with your thoughts on the series or to set up a conversation.

Campaign for the Generations


Rabbi Leon A. Morris



Episode 1
Makom Kavuah – Choosing a Place for Prayer
with Rabbi Dr. Levi Cooper





Episode 2 
The Home and the Marketplace
with Leah Rosenthal




Episode 3
Mezuza – Our Best Selves at the Doorway
with Rabbi Zvi Hirschfield





Episode 4
Conflict Intimacy and Shlom Bayit
with Tovah Leah Nachmani




Episode 5
The Tent of Rivka – Considering the Connection Between the Temple and the Home
with Rabbi Michael Hattin




Episode 6
The Windows of the Beit Midrash
with Rabbi Dr. Meesh Hammer-Kossoy




Bonus Features COMING SOON