Good Jewish Lover – Trailer

Posted by Brent Spodek on May 9, 2023
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A Torah of Relationships

Loving other human beings is both the trickiest and most important thing we’ll ever do.

It’s the most important, because the love we share with other people is what gives our lives meaning; it’s tricky because the actual people that we love can make us want to tear our hair out.

Fortunately, the Jewish tradition has tremendous resources to help us think about our relationships – with our partners, our children, our parents and our friends. How do we love when we are wounded ourselves? How do we express anger without slipping into scorn? How do we love our children as they are, while still shaping who they might become?

Good Jewish Lover, from the Pardes Institute in Jerusalem is a podcast that brings the Torah of relationships to the reality of contemporary lives. During each episode, Rabbi Brent Chaim Spodek will explore a classic Jewish text with a guest who has important and relevant things to say about contemporary relationships.

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